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Gear Rig


Chris has been inspired by various styles of music ranging from Baroque

to various metal genres from the King Diamond in the 1960's

to modern metal today. His musical inspiration also derives

 from role playing video games both classic and new alike.

Jackson Rhoads RX10D 2010 Stock Model

             "After 4 years with my JS32 Rhoads V, I upgraded to the RX10D.

                 This mid-tier model is right off the shelf, It's simple yet built to scream!"

   The Low Profile Floyd bridge ensures tuning is always perfect."

Jackson Rhoads rr3 Custom


                           "This was my first custom V Jackson made for me. It is based from the RR3.

                             The Mahogany body paired with my signature Thunderbolt pickups!

                           It's light yet tough to withstand the rigors of touring. Like a Ferrari

             this is built to be light, strong and fast, It has never let me down! 


Jackson Rhoads Christopher Vizcarra Signature Series 2017


         "I nicknamed this my Thunderbolt V and is my first signature model.

                Paired with my signature DiMarzio Diamond pickups, This legendary V

                   was built from the the highest bloodline tier the RR1. This Lamborghini

             was built to shred and so far has turned thousands of heads so far."

Ibanez S Christopher Vizcarra Signature Series 2017


     "This is my first Ibanez S Signature Series guitar made for me.

          Fitted with my signature diamond pickups, this became a legendary

guitar built to shred for any stage."


Ibanez egen8 - Herman Li Signature 


                       "It's very hard to deter me from using my Rhoads V's especially onstage. 

                                       Although the Egen8 is an upper mid-tier instrument, It's remarkable in every way

                                       I'd even go as far as saying it performs just as amazing as guitars twice its price.

     I take pride in supporting Herman Li and his signature sounds."

Ibanez egen18 - Herman Li Signature 


         "Words alone cannot describe how amazing the Egen18 is both on 

                    and off stage. The Egen18 is meant for serious musicians who want the

   perfect tones whether vintage to modern sounds today. This is

                             truly a legendary instrument that also out performs guitars twice its price."

Head Rush Pedal Board


                                            "The Head Rush is a state of the art pedalboard specifically designed and made for

                                               guitarists who want to bring out and enhance the beast from all their gear.

                                                          This pedalboard has all the sought after vintage to modern amps, effects, and presets

                                                of era defining artists. The Head rush is the next generation pedalboard built to be

                                               versatile, and made to outperform in every task it's given. The Head Rush has always

                                                 surpassed my expectations, from replicating tube amps or the sound of micing them with

                                                     minimizing the amount of gear I need. It's amazing to see how much this gear outperforms

                                               other pedalboards twice its price. I'm always finding something new every time I use it."



                                                                                        Eleven Rack Special Edition

                                                                                    "The Eleven rack is a state of the art recording and live rack

                                                                                                          unit. This also has all the vintage and modern presets, effects, and amps; 

every guitarist can dream of. You can utilize their original parameters just like back in the day,

or use their enhanced parameters and tools to find that perfect tone. 

     Marshall JVM900 Head & 4x12 1960B stacks


                             "Marshall Half-Stacks have always delivered warm tone

                                    without over doing it. The perfectly defined lows, Enhanced

                                     Mid's and chiming highs, these amps perfectly shapes my sound

   when I am dialing in the sound on the amp."

                                           Jenny has kept an updated and comprehensive guide on choosing

                                        the best Marshall Amp based on your unique tone you look for.

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