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Starlight Series


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Extreme Series

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Make an extreme statement wherever the world takes you. Take pride showing your classy, wild, and sophisticated side. Sign up and get a sweet a discount!

Spotlight Series

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Bring the spotlight to you wherever you go. From a night on the town to your next yacht party; Know there's a perfect pair of shoes for that perfect night out. Sign up and get a sweet a discount!

Christopher Vizcarra is pleased to announce the debut launch of his Signature Series luxury shoe line. The Heavy Metal artist meticulously designed every pair by recreating the popular high top models with the finest materials for optimal comfort along with an amazing palette of colors of the 1980's.


"Made from the Best for the Best"

Every pair is handmade by master Italian craftsman in Le Marche, Italy using only pristine Italian leather making them one-of-a-kind combining handcrafting, tradition, and modern style for a product that’s perfectly Italian. 

"Every Detail Counts"

Enjoy a completely custom and top-quality handmade collector’s edition packaging with every purchase, featuring amazing print quality sourced right from Fabriano, Italy adding great value to an already exclusive pair of custom shoes from a world renowned artist. 


"From Paper to Perfection"

Le Marche, Italy is one of three world renowned areas known for their designers and luxury brand apparel such as Verace, Chanel, Gucci, and Prada among many others. Perfect apparel in every purchase guaranteed.

“I greatly thank Luca Botticelli, Luisa my talent manager, and everyone in his amazing company in helping me bring a perfect product to the public, and most of all for all the support and encouragement in making my dream as a shoe designer come true." 

               -   Christopher Vizcarra