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The Student Among His Masters

Seattle, WA - When Bentley Records Artist Christopher Vizcarra heard Dragonforce will be performing at El Corazon; Chris wasted no time in planning the day of fun. Arriving in a discrete vehicle, checking into VIP and right after soundcheck, Christopher Vizcarra spends some quality time with his idols and took a family photo with the Dragonforce Team! Dragonforce has started their Worldwide tour right in North American on September 27 of their latest album Extreme Power Metal!

"I rocked out and sang to my hearts content only a foot or two away from my idols, It was the best experience ever! I've come a long way in music because of them and no matter where they are in this world they will always have my utmost support."

'Top: Bentley Records Artist Christopher Vizcarra poses with his masters of music. From left to right is Damien Renauld, Sam Totman, Marc Hudson, Christopher Vizcarra, Herman Li, and Gee Anzalone.