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Vizcarra & Griften To Give Honorary Tribute For Stratovarius

Christopher Vizcarra and Ilour Griften have put their heads together to make an honorary tribute album for Stratovarius. Illour Griftens has written, composed, arranged, mixed & mastered for his current album Heaven Denies whom features:

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Heaven Denies Album & Info: http://www.heavendenies.com

Vocals: Illiour Griften

Choirs: Alex Mari of Rhapsody of Fire, Michele Luppi, Tommaso Corvaja of Ion Chios & Wind Rose) Claudia Corona, Stefen Zenkert.

Drummers: Alex Landenburg of Kamelot, Federico Gatti of Ancient Bards.

Guitarists: Matias Kupiainen of StratovariuS and Zoltan Arpad Liptay of Gepmadar, Vaggelis Keramidas of Clairvoyant, Niccolo' Carpinteri of Astral Fire, Simone Martinelli from Arcadia.

Bass: Dino Fiorenza of Metatrone, and Sefano Filipponi of Anvil Theraphy

Keyboards: Gabriels